Dirty Roof? Don't replace it, let us clean it!

What causes a dirty roof?

 The Algae Danger Zone

The Algae Danger Zone

Believe it or not, the growth on your roof is caused by an algae called Gloeocapsa magma. These growths are mostly seen on the north sides of roofs where the environment is perfect for growth (wet, lack of sunlight). The black streaks you see are the algae, and it creates a perfect environment for growth of moss, lichen, mold and other detrimental substances! (To the right we have the Algae Danger Zone with the most susceptible places in the country.)



Should I be concerned?

The Gloeocapsa algae actually feed off of the limestone in asphalt shingles and can damage the granules on the shingles. Over time this will lead to a breakdown of the shingles, and ultimate failure of your roof.



Our No Pressure Roof Cleaning Process


At Tri-State we only use our low pressure systems to clean your roof.

Using only low pressure, we pre-rinse your roof, apply our special solutions which kill the algae, and wash it clean.

We never use pressure, and we never risk damage to your roof!



Insurance companies are cancelling homeowners policies for dirty roofs!