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House Washing


We know your home is important to you, it’s not just where you live, it’s an investment. Whether you're entertaining family, hosting a BBQ or throwing a birthday party, having a clean home is important, and something guests and neighbors are sure to notice.

Below you'll learn about our unique process that sets us apart and enables us to leave your home looking brand new in the safest, most effective way possible!



Our “Soft Wash” process to a clean home

Never Power or Pressure Wash your home! A strange thing to hear coming from a power washing company, right? Powerwashing has its place when it comes to making surfaces clean; and for years the only answer to a clean home was to powerwash it. But over time technology has changed and we have developed more efficient and safer methods to a clean home.


Our Home Soft Washing Process from Beginning to End

  1. A Tri-State Technician does a complete walk around of your home, ensuring all windows and doors are tight and sealed and all objects are moved away from the exterior of your home.(Patio Furniture,Grills,ETC)

  2. Once the the surrounding area has been cleared your home is ready to be cleaned! Our Technicians apply our specialized solutions with low pressure to your homes exterior, ridding your home of the common black mold, green algae and any other foreign substances.

  3. Technicians will softly rinse away the solutions with low pressure. (Low pressure means no water getting behind your siding and into your home!) We always rinse homes twice for the best clean!

  4. When the job is completed a Technician will a final complete walk around to ensure the home is up to the Tri-State Standard!

At Tri-State we know you to take pride in your home which is why We take pride in every single house wash and we only strive for perfection!

For More Pictures of our House Washing Process visit our Showroom!